The Pirate Captain is the main character/protagonist and the hero of The Pirates Band of Misfits series. He is the leader of the pirate crew and owns their pet dodo/parrot Polly. The Pirate Captain is loved by his team but often makes mistakes having nearly always a huge price to play. He is voice by Hugh Grant in the films.

Appearance Edit

The Pirate Captain has a black Pirate hat as well as fading grey on the sides. The character is also shown to have a short brown cows lick with hair leading all the way down to his beard which is described as "luxurious". Underneath his nose is a flicking mustache finishing his face with strangely squared teeth. He has a red jacket with circular grey buttons in the zip section and on his sleeve. A strap goes across his body and he has grey trousers going down to his brown piratical shoes which most of the characters wear. He has an unknown yellow scarf shaped clothing going around his waist. Most of the time he will be carrying Polly in his hands or on his shoulder.

Personality Edit

The Pirate Captain is shown to be vain and selfish but kind. He can be spiteful at times forcing members of his crew to walk the plank without any mercy and stealing items that aren't rightfully his. Sometimes The Pirate Captain is however caring such as willingly helping Charles Darwin to deafeat The Bishop of Oxford sacrificing him as his crew's life on the way. The Pirate Captain always shows off what he has done as well as being cocky acting like he is ahead of other people. Rarely he is unkind saying he doesn't care for a certain member of his crew insulting them in the way he does it.

Relationships Edit

The Pirate with a Scarf Edit

The Pirate with a Scarf is The Pirate Captain's best friend and first mate always being loyal to him. Most of the time The Captain's ideas will be dangerous and flutile while his first mates